6 steps to developing employability skills


Work Through the E4 A- Z. Be sure to engage with E4 team or your local mentors if you have any questions help@employability4world.com  

You can also download a YES Passport (Free online)  or you can buy the app for a small charge.

Do the Skills Audit.   

  1. Populate your YES passport with your existing skills and experience.
  2. Create a Personal  Development Plan for yourself.
  3. Populate your YES passport.
  4. Think about ways to improve your employability skills and seek opportunities to evidence the skills
  5. You could work through some of the digital assignments that E4 has created in the Digital Assignments Zone
  6. Update your YES Passport

If you follow these 6 steps, engage with the E4 team or your mentors and continually populate your YES passport you will have done some if not all of the following

  • Greatly increase your skill base.
  • Explored new opportunities.
  • Started to developed a business/enterprise idea.
  • Started thinking about  suitable routes to career development pathway