Employability 4 world

How it


E4 is an employability model which is digitally based, E4 works by using a process of online skills assessment and assignments to help people develop their employability skills.

E4 has been designed to allow users access to resources which support enhancement of employability skills relevant to whichever country tin which they reside. Each country zone is managed by a partner who will tailor and translate resources to suit local needs and conditions.

If you are a mentor, teacher or facilitator who works with people helping them improve their employability you can link with a country partner here.

E4 provides customised skills audits for each partner in a range of languages and a series of skills assignments which are being developed to meet partner needs . These are available at basic, intermediate and higher level .

Local sponsorship is an aspiration for partners to be able to take users though to digital work experience which is rewarded. We call these $10 contracts but they will be at a value that partners set to respond to local economic conditions.

This is how E4 works